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Saudi suspends flights from UAE, 3 other nations due to virus variant

The Saudi authorities have suspended flights from UAE due to spike in coronavirus cases and the emergence of new COVID variants, namely the Delta.

The aviation body said it has barred the entry of flights from the UAE, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Ethiopia.  

The residents and natives of Saudi Arabia returning from the aforementioned nations would have to go through mandatory 14 days quarantine.   

The travel restriction comes into effect from July 4, and covers everyone who has been to those four countries or transited from the airport of those nations in the past 14 days.  

Saudis returning before Sunday will be exempted from the barred list.

The decision has been taken to protect the people of Saudi Arabia, a health expert said.  

Recently, the Kingdom allowed fully vaccinated people to travel after a complete ban that lasted for a year.

The authorities also said that people would be bared from travelling to these places with prior permission.

Saudi Health Ministry said due to emergence and spread of mutated strains of coronavirus, this decision was taken in public interest.


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