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Over 81% of UAE population vaccinated against COVID-19

The UAE has vaccinated more than 81.93% of the total eligible group (over the age of 16), it was revealed during the weekly briefing on COVID-19 situation in the country on Tuesday.

Among the vaccinated there are 92.35% of the elderly aged 60 years .

Official said that the studies are being closely monitored to provide more vaccines for 12-15 year old in the coming period, after extensive clinical trials to confirm their safety & effectiveness to build immunity.

“The licence for Sotrovimab-VIR drug was recently announced for emergency use in the country, has proven effective in treating COVID-19 cases, contributing significantly to reduce hospital stay, and reducing the death rate by 85%,” official said.

The UAE Ministry of Health has approved the drug for emergency use.

Explaining about the drug the official said “this drug depends on ‘monoclonal antibodies’ to treat patients aged 12 years and over. It has proven effective in treating mild and moderate infections, and also infections caused by the new variants of the virus.”

However, official emphasised on the fact that Sotrovimab-VIR is a medicine is to treat the disease, and not to be a substitute for the vaccine, as this medicine is used for patients’ treatment. While, the vaccine is given to prevent disease and its complications.


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