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ICC UAE launches ‘Annual Report 2020 COVID-19 Response’

The International Chamber of Commerce, United Arab Emirates (ICC UAE) launched its‘ Annual Report 2020 COVID-19 Response’ at the 7th ICC UAE Board of Directors meeting that was held virtually.

The newly released comprehensive report summarises the overall activities and events conducted by ICC UAE throughout 2020, and which had more than doubled, compared to 2019, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business community across the UAE and the rest of the world.

HumaidBen Salem, Chairman of ICC UAE, congratulated the board and the whole ICC UAEteam for their dynamic response to mitigating the effects of the pandemic on the business community in the UAE.

Addressing the board, Ben Salem said: “Despite the grave challenges brought on by the pandemic in 2020 ICC UAE provided unwavering support to the UAE-based ICC members and right across the global network of the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Business Organisation.

“ICCUAE persisted with a pioneering spirit of cooperation and process optimisation which yielded tangible results throughout 2020,” Ben Salem added.

In his virtual address to the board members, Hassan Al Hashemi, Secretary-General of ICC UAE, said despite the physical activities of ICC UAE being derailed during 2020 the ICC UAE team quickly adapted to the new reality by hosting its regular activities and events in the virtual environment – thus fulfilling its mandate of regularly engaging with its members.

Al Hashemi stated: “Through initiating various virtual trade facilitation events in 2020, ICC UAE had proved once again to be one of the most active chapters of ICC global network”.

Al Hashemi also highlighted the critical role that ICC UAE is playing, in keeping the economic wheels of trade and investment in the UAE turning, as the year2021 progresses.

In his virtual brief to the board, Vincent O’Brien, Director of ICC UAE, noted that 2020 had proven to be a pro-business year of activity for ICC UAE, despite the pandemic.

O’Brien said: “The Annual Report 2020 COVID-19 Response serves as a model to ICC UAEmembers and other chapters of the World Business Organisation on how best to implement proactive policies, guidelines and training, to support continuity of business in the current times.”

Closing the virtual board meeting, Ben Salem and the entire board expressed their appreciation for the achievements made by the ICC UAE team and committed their full support for all collective efforts to serve ICC members and the business community locally, regionally and internationally.

The Annual Report 2020 COVID-19 Response is available on the ICC UAE website for free download.

The ICC UAE General Assembly will be held virtually on June 30, 2021, and when a new board of directors will be elected for the office term of 2021-2023.


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