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Covid-19: Dubai issues new precautionary measures for restaurants, weddings and events

Officials in Dubai have announced a raft of new Covid-19 precautionary measures for events, weddings, restaurants, and hotels, within the emirate.

The new rules issued on Monday, May 17, by Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management are effective immediately.

Weddings are permitted with a maximum attendance of 100 people at venues and hotels. However, all attendees and staff present at these venues should be vaccinated.

Weddings at home are permitted too, though the attendance at these events is restricted to 30 people, and where all precautionary measures must be followed.

Entertainment venues can increase their capacity to 70 per cent, while occupancy ceilings of hotels have been raised to 100 per cent.

Permits will be given for concerts and social and institutional events on the condition that attendees and participants have been vaccinated.

Maximum attendees at indoor events has been capped at 1,500, and for outdoor events that cap stands at 2,500 people.

Restaurants can seat 10 people per table, while coffee shops can have six people at each table.

Community sports events are allowed, and spectators can attend provided all attendees , participants and staff have received their Covid-19 vaccine.

The committee added that wearing of facemasks and observing 2-metre physical distancing remains mandatory.


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