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Abu Dhabi offers free vaccine to everyone with an expired residency or entry visa

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has approved providing free COVID-19 vaccines to everyone with an expired residency or entry visa, for their safety and health, and in consideration of the exceptional circumstances resulting from the pandemic.

To receive the free COVID-19 vaccine, any type of formal identification, even if expired, can be used to register at the designated vaccination centres.

On Wednesday the Committee has approved usage of green pass on Alhosn app, based on the emirate’s 4-pillar strategy to combat COVID-19 focused on vaccination, active contract tracings, safe entry and adopting preventive measures.

The committee approved the usage of green pass process exclusively for safe entry to shopping malls and large supermarkets, gyms, hotels and facilities within, public parks and beaches, private beaches and swimming pools, entertainment centres, cinemas, and museums, and restaurants and cafes. This will come into effective Tuesday 15 June 2021.

The committee clarified that these procedures complement existing and approved procedures for activities in vital sectors and apply to those aged 16 years and above.


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