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Midar restaurant revives Kuwait’s Golden era with nostalgic seafood concept

Midar, the first premium Kuwaiti seafood restaurant in Kuwait, has become a cultural landmark since its debut thanks to its design, menu of authentic cuisine, traditional hospitality, and music which pays tribute to Kuwait’s Golden Era of the 1960s and 1970s, a time of prosperity in design, urban transformation and culture, when fresh, quality seafood was a staple.

Located in The Gardens, The Avenues, Midar offers a delightfully contemporary yet nostalgic experience, a salute to a time when fresh seafood was enjoyed daily and casually, and most importantly prepared with love.

Gastronomica founder and CEO Basil Al-Salem, a dynamic international entrepreneur who is behind the Midar concept, conceived of this one-of-a-kind venue. Working closely with the Gastronomica design team, they fully developed a concept that captures the architecture, music and food celebrated of the era.

Al Salem highlighted the significance of the Midar concept, which was devised based on his extensive experience in the development process and operation of restaurants, by pointing to the importance of embracing Kuwaiti tradition and heritage, particularly in dining.

Al Salem said: “Midar is a tribute to Kuwait’s Golden Era, an age of prosperity and simplicity. With this venue it is our aim to revive that sense of joy and familiarity that is at the core of every memorable experience.”

The ocean plays a key influence in Midar’s design, with patterns emulating fish scales carved into the marble, oxidized fishing nets adorning the ceiling, vintage brass detail, walls blanketed with

sanded textures that create a bright, welcoming space. The décor is a nod to the Golden Era, with homemade pottery developed by local artisans, sundried plants, and vintage treasures showcased throughout the venue.

Inspired by Kuwait’s desert origin and its brute urban landscape, raw earthy hues have been used on surfaces with traditional breeze blocks on the ceiling that is key to the local heritage.

Midar’s menu, developed by Basil Al Salem and the culinary team, focuses on authentic Kuwaiti-style cuisine alongside signature dishes such as Royal Muttabag, Maabouch Tannour Bread and Crab Curry.

Fish at Midar is always fresh in characteristic fashion and showcased in the restaurant where the market’s daily finds are on display, with most sourced from local fishermen. Grilled fish, a signature dish at Midar, is prepared in an authentic and traditional Kuwaiti way: grilled on charcoal with smoked palm leaves.

So, whether you’re craving fresh, authentic seafood or a nostalgic trip to Kuwait’s unforgettable culinary past, join us at Midar, where it will be our honor to serve you in a fashion and amid surroundings that harken back to Kuwait’s Golden Era.



Contact number +965 22201090

Opening Hours Daily from 12pm till 11pm


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