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Qatar Lead Arab Countries in Human Development – Planning Minister

Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed Al Nabit, Minister of Development Planning and Statistics

Dr. Saleh bin Mohammed Al Nabit, Minister of Development Planning and Statistics

HE the Minister of Development Planning and Statistics Dr. Salih bin Mohamed Al-Nabit said that the level of human development in the State of Qatar is the highest among the Arab countries. Qatar has achieved relative progress, in the field of human development, which put it close to the level of the top five countries in the world, he added.
HE the Minister said, at the opening session of a capacity building training workshop, that the State of Qatar has attached great importance to human development, adding “As a result Qatar, between 2000 and 2013, made significant progress towards achieving high levels of human development according to the Human Development Index of the United Nations Development Programme. ” In this regard, HE the Minister said that in 2012 Qatar ranked 36th among 187 countries, compared to the 51 rank it made before one decade.
He pointed that the most important goal for the national planning in the State of Qatar is to achieve the highest levels of human development through building human capital and increasing the capacity of individuals, in line with sustainable development.
Consistent with this objective, the first National Development Strategy, which was launched in March 2011 developed major priority programmes to build human capital, he said.
Organised by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, with the participation of 25 public sector officials, the capacity building training course in the field of labor market analysis started Sunday at Grand Hyatt Hotel.
The one-week course aims at providing the participants with best concepts and methodologies of the labor market and the means to apply these concepts and methodologies in policy formulation, analysis, and monitoring.
Dr Al Nabit said the course responds to requests from government ministries and organizations to build capacity in the best methods of labor market analysis and making of internationally-practiced policies in support of the implementation of Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-2016.
“It is extremely important that officials should receive first class training on the assessment of important statistical information to help accurately characterize our economy and build an outlook for the labour market.” HE the Minister of Planning meanwhile expressed thanks to the ExxonMobil Qatar Inc. for its support for this course, hoping that work would continue with the company on future programmes that benefit Qatar, its citizens and its workforce.
He stressed that the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics, in its quest to achieve the objectives of Qatar National Vision, will be firmly committed to continuing to support efforts exerted to build the national capacities that aim to implement Qatar National Development Strategy in the best way.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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