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Ministry of Economy Recalls Toyota Sequoia Models

 Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has recalled the 2008-2010 models of Toyota Sequoia to update the electronic system of smart stop in the vehicle which reduces the acceleration of the engine gradually until the stop of the vehicle in case of pressing on the brakes for a sustained period, regardless of the status of the accelerator pedal that could be suspended for any reason.
The Ministry said in a statement that the move which was done in collaboration with Abdullah Abdul Ghani Company the agent of Toyota’s cars comes within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to make sure that car agents comply with regulations concerning maintenance of vehicles and fixing of defects as well as within its endeavors to protect consumer rights.
The Ministry stressed that it will be a coordination with the company’s agent to follow up on maintenance, repairs and communication with customers to ensure the implementation of procedures and reparation the defective cars.
The Ministry of Economy and Commerce urged all consumers to report any irregularities by communicating the Consumer Protection Department, which receives complaints, suggestions and inquiries through its channels of communication.

Source: Qatar news agency


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