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Huawei Extends E-Government Services

As information and communications technology (ICT) continues to drive economic development for GCC governments, Huawei—a leading global ICT solutions provider—is set to showcase its range of new e-government solutions that support the expansion of secure and reliable online citizen services at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015.

Under the theme, ‘Driving Digital Business’, the Gartner Symposium ITxPO will bring together CIOs and senior IT executives to learn how to realize, build and optimize digital opportunities, allowing them to become indispensable in an increasingly connected business world.


Developing e-Government services to meet the growing demands of more mobile and connected citizens has been a top priority for many GCC countries in recent years. This includes the development of easy-to-use applications that not only provide citizens greater accessibility to government services but enhance collaboration and efficiencies within the public sector. As IT services become more agile and software-defined, it is becoming easier for the public sector to create more integrated and smarter eco-systems that offer greater efficiency and productivity.

Connecting multiple government departments such as those responsible for education, public security, health and civil affairs; Huawei will be showcasing an expanded portfolio of solutions including its e-Government Cloud Data Center, e-Government Service Driven Distributed Cloud Data Center, advanced security solutions, centralized management, and enhanced mobility solutions.

“The increasing demand for e-Government services is being influenced by key citizen trends such as the rise in mobile penetration, more people bringing their own devices to the workplace and the need to increase inter-department coordination. While many public sector entities have already deployed a range of connected services, at Huawei believe that there is an opportunity to take these services to the next level,” said Terry He, President at Huawei Enterprise Middle East.


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