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ADM makes sure educational facilities are safe


A UAE paper has said that at the beginning of each day when we say goodbye to our children and send them on their way to school, there is an unwritten understanding that the professionals in whom we commit their care for the day will do their utmost to ensure their safety.

“Now, Abu Dhabi Municipality is taking steps to ensure that the areas around schools and educational facilities are safe, secure and enhanced to provide an administrative environment where all there will be protected from harm’s way,” said Gulf News in an editorial on Monday.

Effective for the opening of the new school year in September, all the areas surrounding each school will be remodelled to ensure that school buses and the areas used for dropping off pupils will provide as much protection as possible for pupils.

Whether it’s painting road surfaces red to indicate the mandatory speed for vehicles or isolating the drop off areas close to schools, the Municipality’s initiative puts in place effective steps for safety.

“And once those measures are complete, any motorist who speeds or drives aggressively in these safe zones needs to face the fullest and heaviest consequences under the law. Children’s safety is paramount,” concluded the Dubai-based daily.

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