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2014 Tablet Trends Pave the Way for Samsung GALAXY Tab 3

Middle East consumer demands are continuing to evolve and as we prepare for the start of a new year, the consumer electronics industry in particular is poised for significant changes as more people demand increased power and portability from their tab3

The availability of powerful portable handheld technology is an ever increasing trend and will inevitably continue to shape demand in 2014 as the devices we carry continue to get thinner and lighter. This is especially relevant for the busy professional. Although working on the move is nothing new, constant advances in cloud computing, portable technology and the ability to outsource business at the click of a button now means that enterprises in the region have less and less need to be tied to traditional office space. This has had a noticeable impact on the popularity of Tablets in the region, which offer consumers a perfect solution when working remotely as well as offering a powerful portable companion with a host of entertainment features and the ability to manage personal tasks.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) recently published a report highlighting that small screen and lower cost options will redefine tablet adoption in the Middle East. It predicted that tablets with smaller screen sizes will witness a growing demand in 2014 with an approximated 55% tablet shipments expected to the Middle East. With shifting demands, the tablet market continues to evolve at a rapid pace delivering thinner, lighter and more compact devices that will not compromise on power.

It is clear that the tablet market has emerged in the Middle East and will continue to grow for the upcoming years as consumers find further needs for the devices. Samsung, which secured the second largest position for tablet shipments in 2013, will play an important role in this growth as they continue to widen its tablet range, which continue to push the boundaries technological innovation. As of November 2013 in the GCC, Samsung experiences significant growth in its Tablet division with 208% year on year.

Alongside this forecasted growth is a greater availability of Tablet options with various screen sizes. Boasting the power of a PC along with ultimate mobility is the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3, the perfect companion device for on-the-go-users, available with a choice of 7-inch, 8-inch and 10.1 inch screen sizes. Ideal for keeping consumers entertained the GALAXY Tab 3 offers a host of new features and allows for faster downloading and immediate sharing. Complete with up to 65GB of expandable memory, front and rear cameras, the pocket sized 7 and 8 inch version make for a perfect travel companion and for using remotely with a 1.2GHz Dual Core processor.  For consumers who prefer working and interacting on a larger screen, the 10.1 inch model is ideal as a portable entertainment hub for the office or around the home with a powerful 1.6 GHz processor and comprehensive suite of video, music and photo software.

The GALAXY Tab 3 series is available at all major retail outlets in the UAE from AED 799 (7-inch), AED 1,399 (8-inch) and AED 1,599 (10.1-inch).


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