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Qatar to Host 7th Arab Women International Forum

qna_woman_forum_13102015The State of Qatar will host on October 28 the 7th session of the Arab International Women’s Forum which is aimed to shed light on the contribution of businesswomen in Qatar and the inspiration of the new generation of female leaderships in Qatar to contribute to economic development in Qatar in particular and the Middle East and North Africa in general.

The one-day forum is organized by youth Arab women leaderships, affiliated to the Arab International Women’s Forum in partnership with Qatar Chamber, Qatar International Businesswomen Forum (QIBWF) and Qatar Business Incubator (QBI).

The forum will discuss the role that could be played by governments, the civil society, the media and the academic sector to help emerging youths in the field of business through the launch of profitable projects and developing them gradually with a view to providing job opportunities and leaving a positive impact on the Qatari economy.

Founder and Chairwoman of the Arab International Women’s Forum Hayfa’a Al-Kaylani has expressed pleasure for the convening of the forum in Qatar for the first time as part of a series of Arab youth women leaderships’ conferences which achieved great success.

For her part, Board Member of Qatar Chamber and Chairwoman of Qatar International Businesswomen Forum Ibtihaj Al-Ahmadani expressed confidence that the forum would inspire many Arab women leaderships by shedding light on success stories and the positive and negative business sector’s fluctuations.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Development Bank (QDB) Abdul Aziz bin Nasser Al Khalifa, who is also Board Chairman of Qatar Business Incubator, expressed pleasure to provide support to the forum specially in the light of the increasing successful Qatari businesswomen who have the ambition and the interest to assume leadership in their own professional life.


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