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Eyes on Lebanon conference on Beirut Port explosion’s anniversary

All eyes will be set on the second Paris second international aid conference for Lebanon, to be held on the first anniversary of the Beirut port massive explosion.

The video conference, called by President Emmanuel Macron, aims at lifting the Lebanese people from their dire economic situation.

The economic crisis in Lebanon is caused by several issues including the inability of Prime Minister-designate Saad Al-Hariri to form a government after nine months of being appointed. Al-Hariri resigned as a result, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reports.

August 4 was chosen as the date of the conference to coincide with the first anniversary of the Beirut port explosion, which resulted in human casualties, damages to infrastructure, and political quagmire.

The event is highly anticipated by the Lebanese public, which are eager to see an international support to Lebanon, while members of the global community might be hesitant to provide economic aid in light of the current economic and political situation.

However, the world will surely seek to contribute an outcome that would avoid and prevent a total collapse in the Lebanese state.

Political analysts predict that most of the assistance would be geared towards humanitarian, medical, and educational causes, with an estimated USD 500 million to one billion expected to be chipped in.

France had extended invitation to 50 heads of state, top officials, and international organizations.

The government in Paris is in quite of a predicament when it comes to pulling Lebanon out of its woes; however, the French expressed willingness to pressure European and international partners to help Lebanese politicians to reach much sought reforms.

To get some Lebanese officials on the straight path, France hinted at sanctions aimed at a number of individuals in coordination with the EU and partnership with the US.

The first Paris conference to support Lebanon was held on December 2, 2020 with the participation of 32 countries in addition to 19 representatives of international and Lebanese civil society organizations. It pledged $280 million to support Lebanon.


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