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Qatar Solar Energy Announces Largest Solar Technology Facility in MENA Region

Two Qatar Solar Energy technicians handle a solar panel

Two Qatar Solar Energy technicians handle a solar panel

Qatar Solar Energy (QSE) on Sunday entered the solar market with its announcement of the largest solar technology development and manufacturing facility in the MENA region.
QSE also announced today that it signed agreements with Jermyn Capital to supply 150MW of solar power to the Japanese market and additionally with Power Capital to supply 150MW to the Thailand market. QSE was chosen as the solar provider of choice for its ability to deliver higher efficiency solar solutions at lower costs with plans to work together into the future with both companies on a range of solar power initiatives.
QSE is delivering solar energy solutions and manufacturing solar products that will lessen the reliance of the economy on hydrocarbon fuel industries.
QSE’s innovative model combines research, technology development, manufacturing, and project development and deployment under one roof, forming a fully integrated value chain from raw materials to the end-user. By promoting synergies between these areas, QSE allows for constant innovation and incorporation of the most advanced technologies in its products.
QSE has achieved 300 Megawatts of solar capacity on the way to further expanding production to 2.5 Gigawatts. To improve cost and efficiency QSE is collaborating with leading solar energy technology companies with specialization in ingot, wafer, cell, module, and deployment technologies. QSE is currently manufacturing patented innovative products specifically designed for sun-belt regions. QSE’s products for emerging markets are designed to be of equal or better quality, reliability and performance than products available to developed markets. By lowering costs and increasing efficiency, QSE accelerates the democratization and use of renewable energy worldwide.
QSE is dedicated to responding to developed and developing countries growing demand for renewable energy. As an advanced solar energy provider in the world, QSE’s innovative model ensures that individuals and businesses on every continent have access to renewable energy at or below grid parity.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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