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Value of Dubai Chamber member-exports up 7.4% in June-August 2020

As reported by WAM, exports of Dubai Chamber members exceeded a combined value of AED45 billion between June and August 2020, marking a 7.4 percent increase compared to the March-May period, 2020.

Over 151,000 Certificates of Origin were issued by Dubai Chamber from June-August, an 11.7% increase from the 135,00 certificates issued during the March-May period.

The average number of exporters over the three months ending in August stood at 4,630, increasing 14 percent from the 4,066 exporters accounted for between March and June 2020.

Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the latest export figures signal an uptick in activity within Dubai’s trade sector, following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, improving market conditions and growing business confidence. He underlined the importance of foreign trade to Dubai’s economy, and noted that the emirate remains resilient as it navigates new challenges created by the pandemic.

Buamim also said that the gradual re-opening of Dubai’s economy has been successful, thanks to the government’s swift and effective response in enforcing preventative health and safety measures, and introducing stimulus packages to help businesses cope with the impact of COVID-19.

He added that government-led efforts to drive Dubai’s digital transformation in recent years, along with close cooperation between the public and private sectors, were crucial factors that helped ensure business continuity and maintain economic competitiveness.

Dubai Chamber currently provides 50 e-services to the business community through its website and smart applications. The services include certificates of origin, membership, attestation, ATA Carnets, legal inquires, smart mediation, credit ratings and the CSR Label, among others.

Earlier this year, the Chamber launched a new electronic attestation service and authentication of signatures on documents, which raised the percentage of the smart transformation of core services to 98 percent.


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