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thejamjar launches curated art education programmes

Exploring the idea of ‘Reflection’ in the first term, thejamjar’s Young Artist Programme (YAP) for ages 7 to 10 starts on 30 September and prompts children to contemplate their positioning within their surrounding environment through art. Creating a series of artworks over the period of six weeks, this extracurricular programme will teach students about art history and major art theories and techniques such as collage, acrylics, and multimedia.

Meanwhile older kids ages 11 to 18 can engage in a similar programme dubbed ‘Teen Art Mentorship’, inviting young creatives to tackle a personal project through independent work on a series of pieces in various mediums. These include an ‘Unspooky Halloween’ for the Kids Acrylics sessions for ages 6 to 10, ‘Glimpses in Gouache’ for the adults Watercolour Techniques classes and ‘Decay in Art’ for the adults Acrylics, where attendees are prompted to re-think what beauty is and can be.

For little ones, kids and adults who prefer to push their creativity one class at a time, thejamjar continues to offer lessons in Acrylic Techniques, Watercolour Techniques, ThetaHealing and more, this time inspired by all things autumnal. These include an ‘Unspooky Halloween’ for the Kids Acrylics sessions for ages 6 to 10.

Speaking about YAP, thejamjar teacher Tilika D’Souza says: “The Young Artist Programme is one of our most anticipated programmes each year. It teaches children about art while developing critical thinking. We want students to come out of it believing in their own ideas and because each module runs over six weeks, the bond we develop with the students is always unique and powerful.”

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