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State-of-the-art Dynamic Advanced Training Center by Binchy and Binchy

Dynamic Advanced Training unveiled its state-of-the-art aviation training center in Dubai South, UAE. After having received certification from the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Dynamic is affirmed as the only independent and certified Cabin Crew Training Organization (CCTO) in the UAE.

Binchy and Binchy was tasked to design the interior of the facility that is reflective of Dynamic’s objectives and creates an equally state-of-the-art interior that empowers the training facility and conveys its message. The interior design is inspired by business class aesthetics that feature in both exterior and interior jet finishes.

Dynamic’s co-founder, Mark Kammer, insisted on having the 3.4m deep water survival pool and equipping it with fog, wind, driving rain, and meter-high waves. The full flight cabin simulators incorporate the latest technology in full motion with synchronised, high-definition cabin and cockpit audiovisuals to create an authentic experience by exposing trainees to real-world scenarios.

The center provides comprehensive next-generation training for aircrew, and other aviation personnel. The aviation training facility features several interactive classrooms, training rooms, and emergency/medical workshop areas. The main hall contains four Full Flight Cabin Simulators covering both narrow and wide body commercial jets as well as business jets, including real-firefighting facility, water survival, and exit door training.

“‘Reality is key in designing training centers.” says Jennie Binchy, co-founder and design director at Binchy and Binchy, “Training in hyper-real environments is necessary for the personal management of physical responses to stress. If the environment is known to be fake, regardless of the techniques and training learned, fear can overcome responsibility in a real-life situation.”


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