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Sharaf DG Energy delivers lighting retrofit project at Drydocks World Dubai

Sharaf DG Energy has successfully completed a lighting retrofit project at Drydocks World-Dubai, with the aim of deploying energy saving measures and tackling the pressure on natural resources. The project is expected to result in annual savings of AED600,000 for three years and involved replacing 5500 fluorescent, metal halide and conventional lights with high efficient LED fixtures.

The project was implemented on five buildings and three mess, workshops, camp streets, which are mainly used for the Junior Staff Accommodations of the shipyard. Retrofitting, a measure taken to replace conventional light fittings and accessories with new energy saving LED lights, is a key component in helping the UAE achieve their sustainable related targets.

With the help of the latest technologies, commercial and industrial sectors can now receive a number of benefits. Advantages include the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions, productivity enhancement, a decreased amount of maintenance expenditure and the ability to ensure more safety measures are in place for workers.

As the Junior Staff Accommodation buildings were considered outdated, companies have refrained from working on them. In turn, this has left the retrofitting project on hold for a period of two years with suggestions of demolishing them altogether. Sharaf DG Energy fortunately took on the project and have successfully completed it on 31st May 2020.

The organisation augmented the whole plan in a record timeframe and overachieved with the annual savings against proposed savings. Throughout the project, Sharaf Electronics ensured and maintained the highest safety standards with zero accidents on site.


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