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Design firm SAY Studio recently celebrated its second anniversary and the launch of the new offices at The Onyx Tower, Dubai

The interiors of SAY Studio’s new offices is based on their design ethos and practices. The ultimate ambition was to design a space that provided with complete flexibility, whilst offering a dynamic and functional environment for the team that feels less like an office and more like a vibrant café where all of the team members could come together in a combined passion for what they do. Subtle touches in the office draw inspiration from the brand, through colour selections or the prominent black and white floor at the entrance. The concept of a traditional reception area is not used and instead, the designers opted to welcome their guests into a vibrant Café space. This space would also serve as an area for staff to unwind and becomes an extension of their client meeting room on the occasions in case of larger gatherings.

Laila Al-Yousuf, design director and partner added: “As we celebrate our anniversary in the new office, we’re extremely thankful for everything we’ve achieved. At the same time, our vision is focussed on the future – on how we can achieve more for our clients, our community and our industry. There has been a lot of talks about how work and social environments will need to change over the coming months, but the essence of what we do remains the same. Interior spaces have the power to bring people together and influence how they feel, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. We’re looking forward to the next phase of the business while maintaining the values that brought us together when we launched.” Within the open areas, the office design complements the simplistic approach with a neutral material palette and biophilic elements. It is an environment that serves to support creativity and collaboration.

The integration of technology is something which was given a lot of attention With a 65” touchscreen that rotates from landscape to portrait at the touch of a button, this supports the complete creative interaction. There is a fully functional library, an acoustic seating group for those moments away from the desk, and 16 workstations with thoughtfully designed cable management.

Matthew Sexton, managing director and partner of SAY Studio, said: “Over the last two years we’ve worked with some fantastic clients on incredible projects, and built a team that embraces every challenge to deliver exceptional designs. From a market perspective, demands are changing all the time and we’ve demonstrated our ability to respond. So much of what we do is built on relationships and our stakeholders rely on us for tailored support underpinned by in-depth expertise. The use of technology is an area where we specialise, using the latest innovations to simplify the design process, and striking a balance between technology and creativity.”


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