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Nulty completes the lighting scheme for Festival Plaza in Dubai

Lighting design consultancy Nulty has completed the lighting scheme for the interior and exterior sections of Festival Plaza in Dubai. Nulty delivered a high-quality and efficient lighting scheme in partnership with architect BSBG and focused on a design solution that provides a sense of intimacy, vibrancy, and comfort.

Horizontal and vertical surfaces are emphasised to give more volume to the space, whilst a combination of spot lighting and surface wash-lighting emphasises the scale of the high ceilings. All of the interior spaces utilise colour rendering light fixtures in order to provide as much lustre as possible. A variety of layers of light creates a visual hierarchy by creating contrast and improved composition. The primary lighting layer evokes general uniform illumination, perfect for functionality and wayfinding, via a combination of linear lights, downlights and wall-washers.

A second layer of lighting provides the vertical illumination, highlighting the walls and grazing the façade fins. A third and final layer of light creates an additional feature within the curved ceilings, creating a dramatic and vibrant effect. Nulty specified a DALI based lighting control system to provide flexibility and ensure that the artificial lighting is balanced with the daylight that pours through the windows.

A sustainable lighting design has been achieved through a combination of considered selections of efficient luminaires and making use of new low-energy lamp technology. The lighting is controlled to ensure that light only falls where and when required in order to provide an energy-efficient solution. Diffused general lighting combined with accent lighting in specific areas, highlights dramatic finishes, particularly surrounding the outside space.

The façade of the mall boasts an angular design which has been highlighted with careful application of wall-washing and discreet luminaires. The main focus for Nulty’s work on the façade was to display the variation in architectural elements and tie them all together through the lighting. This has resulted in an impressive canvas which entices visitors and encourages them to spend time at the mall.

Ahmed Saliem, project director at Nulty Dubai ,comments: “It was a pleasure working on this project and we are so proud of the result. We worked closely with the design team to bring out the true character of the building and enhance the experience for the end user. The result is a mall that is inviting, comforting and vibrant.”

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