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Transguard Group Announces New Products and Services

While the road to global recovery from the after-effects of Covid-19 is largely unknown, business solutions provider Transguard Group has revealed that the development of a number of new products and services has been fostered in the wake of the pandemic.

“The world has changed, and now that masks are the ‘new normal,’ so has our uniform,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “However, while more is being asked of us, Transguard has never stopped going above and beyond our clients’ expectations of service and safety.”

Transguard’s specific Covid-driven initiatives have varied across the business and include the creation of new products (Misting Stations designed by the Facilities Management division), upskilling of staff (applicable across the entire business but most especially visible in Transguard Security Services personnel, who have added thermal screening to their repertoire), new services (e-commerce infrastructure in warehousing and delivery services via Transguard’s Manpower team) and public safety initiatives for money handling (launched by Transguard Cash). Meanwhile, Digital Transformation has also played a key role in improving internal and external communications and workflow, while cross-training initiatives have created new opportunities for and boosted the morale of site-based employees.

“From the frontlines to the back office, Transguard Group has risen to the challenges posed by Covid-19 and will continue to respond with resilience and creativity in its efforts to support the recovery of the UAE and our customers,” said Greg Ward, Managing Director. “We are proud of our efforts and will continue down the path of innovation as we enter the next chapter of the history books.”


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