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Key Steps: Traka ASSA ABLOY

Regional Business Development Manager – Middle East, Traka ASSA ABLOY Roshin Roy reveals the latest in key and equipment management systems for hospitality.

Roshin Roy

Hotel key and equipment management systems – how important are they for properties and why?
In hospitality businesses with a large employment base, access to keys and different portable devices (security radios, tablets, laptops) used by several personnel in multiple locations is considered a critical factor to the business’s security, controls and operations. Traka key and equipment management solutions automate processes, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and cut down losses leading to an average return on investment in about nine months or less.

The Traka asset management solution can provide controlled and audited access to hotel assets such as office keys, access cards, master keys, pool cars, radios, cash boxes, tablets, laptops and other assets within the premises. An integrated asset management system from Traka can streamline processes, improve response times and thereby enhance guest experience.

Traka systems installed at hotels and resorts are usually programmed to prevent staff from taking the assets outside their regular working hours. Furthermore, our systems seamlessly integrate with access control systems to prevent staff from taking the assets out of the hotel premises. Traka systems can be programmed to generate email alerts when these assets are not returned on time, thus ensuring their availability when they are most needed.

Traka key management systems eliminate the manual procedure of key allocation, booking, retrieval and return. Multiple Traka systems installed at various sites can be centrally managed and monitored from the control room. All activities are digitally logged for security audit and extensive reporting.

Traka systems ensure that keys can only be returned by the individual who originally accessed the key, thus ensuring complete accountability. We have learned that hotel staff adhere to policies and practices when they know that their key access are tracked. This ensures tighter control and improved accountability which are both considered critical in the hospitality business.

What’s the latest in technology?
At Traka, we invest heavily in innovation and R&D. This is one reason why we’re considered global leaders in key and equipment management solutions. Our systems are constantly evolving as we adapt to our customer’s requirements and their ever-evolving business landscape.

Our customers are usually very particular about information security management as our systems may share their very critical IP network with other security systems such as access control and building management systems. Traka is an ISO 27001-certified company and our systems go through penetration testing to the OWASP Top Ten. Adhering to these standards make us the only viable key and equipment management solution for enterprises.

Our new Traka Touch systems support the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). OSDP is an access control communications standard that will improve interoperability among access control and security products and support the high-end AES-128 encryption standard. With this development, we’re one step ahead in providing seamless integration with card readers from many manufacturers.

Another key development is our newly developed integration capability with the Honeywell EBI platform. Now, Traka is the only key and equipment management solution that’s integrated with the leading access control systems such as Lenel OnGuard, Nedap AEOS, Amag Symmetry, Honeywell EBI, Tyco CCURE, Maxxess, Gallagher, Inner Range Integriti, Genetec, Paxtion and S2.

Have you implemented any new measures in the wake of COVID-19? Any special requests for contactless/no-touch, for example?
Traka has remained operational as an “essential business” providing critical products and support. We have identified areas which we consider critical to operate and implemented operational continuity plans within our teams to ensure we have sufficient resources to keep our operations running safely and products shipped to our customers that rely on Traka as part of their day-to-day operations.

The COVID-19 situation has made new customers re-consider fingerprint scanners and ask for a contactless solution. As our systems are primarily used to provide access to physical keys and equipment where contact with multi-user systems is unavoidable, there’s some limitation to achieving a complete contactless transaction.

However, we have encouraged our customers and partners to take precautionary measures focused on sanitisation while using Traka’s key and equipment systems. To help reduce the spread of viruses and ensure that the systems continue to function correctly, a guide had been provided to assist customers with the necessary requirements for cleaning the systems.

Please tell us about some of your key projects?
Some of the world’s top hotel groups like the Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons and the IHG group have engaged Traka for key and asset management in some of their properties. In the Middle East, we have brands such as St. Regis, Kempinski, Marriott, Atlantis, Fairmont, Mandarin Oriental and Vida Hotels as our clients.

Traka have certified resellers in every country who are equipped to work in the hospitality industry. They’re working very closely with property managers and security consultants who understand the need for key and equipment management systems.

What’s in the pipeline?
Traka is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, the global leader in access solutions. Within the group is ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, who are at the forefront of driving innovation within the hospitality industry.

Traka continues to collaborate with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions to offer collective group value and the most advanced technologies that ensure security and peace of mind to both hospitality providers and their guests.

This means all our customers will get the best professional support with an added advantage of dealing with one organisation that understands their environment.


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