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Dofreeze at Gulfood 2020

We interview Aamer Fayyaz, managing director/CEO at Dofreeze for a look into the brand’s Gulfood 2020 stand showcase, future plans and more.

On the Delice product range at Gulfood 2020: A sumptuous taste of France! The rich, out-of-this-world flavour and texture of these Le Gateau is nothing short of industry-changing, and we’re proud to offer a premium brand right alongside the Eurocake and the Snack Time product range.

As the newest member of the Dofreeze family of premium brands, Delice is the culmination of years perfecting such scrumptious indulgences as Chocolate Chip Brownies, Salted Caramel Brownie Squares, Petit Loaf Cake and Cake Rolls in an almost endless variety of flavours.

From the taste and quality of the products to the demanding selection of ingredients, authentic recipes, and packaging that combines modernity and practicality, Delice is one level above all other brands targeting upmarket consumers who are looking to enjoy premium treats in an environment of elegance and finesse.

In the pipeline: There are a lot of new innovations, one of which is that we also partnered with General Mills, where we are producing the ready-to-eat range of products for them. Betty Crocker Pound Cakes was launched a few months ago and, this month, the Betty Crocker Soft and Chewy Cookies are set to launch.
Stand number: (A5-29) in Hall 5


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