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Chef Middle East partners with French dairy giant Paysan Breton

Chef Middle East, a regional foodservice distributor with expertise in speciality ingredients distribution gained over the past 25 years and Paysan Breton, a brand which has been producing authentic dairy products for over 50 years, have announced a new partnership to bring French dairy – known to have a great reputation among chefs – to the regional market.

“The Paysan Breton brand is a well-established name which ranks among the top 30 preferred food brands in France. One of the greatest advantages we look forward to out of this new partnership is that we will be able to supply high-quality ingredients at the right price, driving great value for our customers,” says Jiji Mathews, dairy category manager at Chef Middle East.

“Despite the current global context and rather turbulent times, and even though French dairy products boast good penetration in the foodservice market across the region, we do believe there is still increasing demand for top quality products,” he adds.

“Going forward, Paysan Breton will be exclusively distributed by Chef Middle East in the foodservice sector in all the markets they operate in – the UAE, Oman and Qatar. The newly introduced range covers almost all product categories, which meet most of our customers’ requirements to run their daily operations. We have a track record of successfully growing our exclusive brands, hence the potential of establishing another fruitful partnership in the region with Paysan Breton is very high and will positively impact our growth, revenue generation and reputation.”

“The Paysan Breton brand reflects the tradition and the authenticity of French dairy products, a true taste of France. The product range is ideal for all HoReCa operators with a selection of essential ingredients such as butter, cream, cheese with a variety of flavours, crêpe fillings and much more,” says Vincent Cockenpot, pastry chef and trainer at Chef Middle East.

“The most perfect element of Paysan Breton products is that you don’t need to add lot of artifice to your pastry. Due to its high quality, the product speaks for itself, you just have to try to understand its pure taste – a perfect match with a lot of ingredients such as chocolate, fruit purée and paste, and vanilla, in different applications such as mousse, crémeux, panna cotta, and many more.”

According to experts at Chef Middle East, Paysan Breton represents quality, authenticity and innovation, a perfect fit for the distributor’s dairy category to offer the market an exceptional assortment. The distributor prides itself for supplying some of the world’s best ingredients to the region’s most reputable food establishments for the past 25 years and highlights that this new partnership strengthens this very commitment.

Did you know?

Paysan Breton was founded in 1969. Originally, the common goal of the brand’s breeders was to enhance the fruit of their work through a high-quality product and preserve the know-how of their region – an ambition which has remained the same for decades.

The brand’s values include supporting breeders to make a better living from their profession, choosing local production, which respects cows, and inviting the world to discover a culinary heritage that combines simplicity with the authentic flavours of Brittany and France.  Paysan Breton underlines its commitment to more sustainable production, the eco-design of packaging and the reduction of food waste.

Chef Middle East caters to more than 2,000 customers, from 5-star hotels and world-class dining, to international chains and concept restaurants in the UAE, Qatar and Oman. The company also provides its services to customers in locations such as the Indian Ocean, Africa and the CIS.


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