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Sobha Facades accredited with ISO 18404 Certification

Sobha Facades, an industry leading facade contractor and a subsidiary of Sobha Realty has been accredited with the ISO 18404 certification, making it the first and only private company in the GCC, and the first facade manufacturer in the world to have acquired such standards of excellence. The ISO 18404:2015 certificate defines the standards for key personnel and their organizations to manage and measure their development and improvement in relation to the implementation of Lean & Six Sigma methodologies.

Francis Alfred, Managing Director of Sobha Realty said, “We are immensely proud of this achievement. It is a testament to the commitment of Sobha Facades to provide operations and services that are at par with international standards. As a real estate developer, we strive to distinguish ourselves from the myriad of developers by ensuring quality products for all our stakeholders.

This certificate is an acknowledgment of the time and research we put in to ensure that our strict standards are met by our technology, people, and processes. By achieving the ISO 18404 certification, Sobha Facades has demonstrated that we are willing to work tirelessly to achieve the standards that our clients, employees, and stakeholders deserve.”

For his part, Rajaikepin Rajamoni, Business Head of Sobha Facades said, “Achieving this ISO certificate is in line with our vision to redefine the way a facade business functions. Since the beginning, our organization’s end-to-end operations have been guided by the principles of Lean and Six Sigma. Every project and installation created by Sobha Facades is vastly different from the previous, which makes the employment of standardized processes an extreme challenge. We take this opportunity to urge the façade industry in the Middle East to advance towards a more mature, production- centered model to help achieve more efficiency.”

This latest certification is in addition to various other Integrated Management System (IMS) certifications that the company has already received. The company experiences strong support from their Chairman, PNC Menon, under whose guidance products are crafted with the strictest attention to detail, while also integrating sustainable practices.

What started as a simple contracting company in 2018, soon evolved into a leader in the field of engineering, manufacturing and installation. The company intends to disrupt the facade industry through innovation by leveraging advanced systematic processes such as Lean Management, digitization, and process orientation. Sobha Facades has been able to implement efficient practices that have not only reduced wastage but have also improved the overall productivity and quality of manufacturing with reduced costs.

Through this certification, Sobha Realty has demonstrated their continued commitment to delivering quality products and services for their clients that meet and exceed international standards. It is yet another milestone in the company’s distinguished journey towards excellence.


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