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ODS Global awarded a three year annual maintenance building automation systems contract for 24 towers of DAMAC Properties

Dubai-based luxury properties developer, DAMAC Properties, has engaged ODS Global – a SB Group International company – to optimize operations and maintenance across 24 of its towers in Dubai. SB Group is a Dubai-based conglomerate with diversified investments across technology and security systems.

The project marks a major shift in the industry, from siloed and disparate vendor control to a unified OEM-led model of building operations, integrating BMS and services for several legacy brands. The complexities involved in integrating building automation, multi-proprietary vendor protocols & software licenses have traditionally restricted property owners from engaging OEMs for the maintenance of building assets and systems. However the industry has been undergoing rapid change. And with IoT and AI developments, seamless integration and optimization of building portfolios has emerged as the default future-ready operational model for the commercial real estate industry.

ODS Global’s subsidiaries ODSS Mechanical and ODSS Technical are the solution providers for the three years maintenance contract. As ODS Global’s service arms, ODSS Mechanical and ODSS Technical offer a wide suite of services ranging from Category A approved Mandatory Life Safety Systems, BMS, Automation, Iot & AI based building management solution, CCTV Security Systems, Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, Gate Barriers, as well as ICT solutions.

ODS Global is currently also in discussions with DAMAC Properties to upgrade the 24 towers to a connected buildings model, using IoT and AI based solutions and the Intelligent Integrated Command and Control Centre (iICCC) offered by its group company Netix Global BV. Netix is a vendor neutral iIBMS automation solutions provider, with a strong focus on sustainable smart buildings, smart cities and energy efficiency.

In a phased contract award, ODS Global’s services was implemented in one and then two of DAMAC Properties’ towers, before the contract was extended to all 24 buildings in the portfolio. The key advantages that the project will deliver for DAMAC Properties include:

• Maintenance and fault rectification of multi-vendor assets and systems, at both server and field level
• Enhanced energy savings across the portfolio, through agile operations and analysis of real-time asset intelligence
• Implementation of a predictive and preventive maintenance model, leading to the enhanced performance of fixed assets throughout their life cycle

“Achieving unprecedented energy savings, optimized and remote operations and responsive services at portfolio scale, is what building owners and operators are aspiring to today”, said Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman of the SB Group. “It has long been commonplace in sectors such as the life safety industry, for any qualified and civil defence approved company to maintain assets sourced from multiple vendors. We are trying to bring the same parity to the BMS domain, with our open proprietary protocol. Our relationship with DAMAC properties will go a long way in validating this integrated and connected model of built assets management, and put Dubai at the centre stage in the global shift to smart buildings and smart cities”, Sanjeevv concludes.


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