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Genie S-85 boom lift ideal for roof repairs and maintenance

Built in the 18th century in the region of Mayenne, North West France, near the small, historic village of Montenay, Basmaignée Castle requires regular upkeep, notably roof repairs and maintenance. A challenging, meticulous, and at times hazardous task, performed at great height on difficult to access work zones. To complete the work at height on this important landmark, maintenance crews employed a Genie® S ®-85 boom lift that, with a maximum
working height of almost 28 m (92 ft), made the perfect match for reaching the highest levels of the castle’s roof with ease.

Basmaignée Castle was decreed a national property just after the French Revolution. Following a succession of different owners, marked by periods of abandon, it was recently purchased by a FrancoBritish couple to serve as a venue for exceptional events. Set within 24 ha (59 ac) of parkland with free-roaming animals, 11 ha (27 ac) of woodland, a guesthouse and a lake, Basmaignée Castle offers the ideal setting for wedding parties and holidays with family and friends.

To respond to this high-precision mission, in addition to height, productivity was a key focus to ensure that the job would be completed according to schedule. In addition to the machine’s excellent working height, the Genie S-85 boom lift offers a horizontal outreach of 23 m (75 ft 5 in) and 1.5 m (4ft 9 in) jib, which provided the precision and flexibility needed to access the steep sloping rooftop that often required accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Addressing the need for increased productivity, the machine’s full height drive capabilities meant that precious time was saved when moving the unit from one place to the next around the building. For operators, a lift capacity of 227 kg (500 lb) proved sufficient to lift and carry their tools and materials. The result: A meticulous task performed immaculately and safely within the tight timeline mandated by the castle’s opening event.


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