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LNME Power 25 CEOs 2020: Ranking 17th to 20th

Logistics News returns once again with a comprehensive list of the Power 25 logistics leaders in the Middle East

Ranking 17th

Hussein Wehbe, CEO of Fetchr

Hussein Wehbe is a logistics veteran with 20 years of experience in the sector including over 15 years with Aramex serving it in different leadership roles is now tasked with leading Fetchr forward.

Fetchr, founded in 2012, with a cloud technology platform and digital-only approach, Fetchr was born to disrupt the traditional supply chain model.

Fetchr understands what it takes to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world we operate in today. That’s why our positioning, predictive and machine learning technologies are so uniquely equipped to meet the transport and shipping demands of the generations.

Agility, flexibility, reliability and service customization are part of the Fetchr DNA. Joining the Fetchr logistics family ensures a seamless brand experience throughout the customer journey. Your brand is our brand. Your customer is our customer.

Fetchr incorporates technology into conventional logistics services to resolve three fundamental pain points that last mile delivery service provider face in the Middle East which include cash on delivery reconciliation, lack of clear address, and scalability.


Ranking 18th

Deepak Khushalani, CEO of Premier Logistics

Deepak has been involved with Premier Logistics since its establishment in Q1 2016.

In the last 12 months, Premier Logistics have moved towards an agile and asset-light strategy proving themselves more resilient during the pandemic. Their asset-light model helped serve numerous customer segments through numerous logistics networks that are based on shared assets and that leverage partners and digital tools to foster large-scale agility and responsiveness.

Deepak told LNME: “We at Premier have been focusing primarily on retaining our existing clients and providing them with quality par excellence.”

To support their existing clients and to entice new clients Premier Logistics worked on implementing its Digital Transformation strategy for this region. They announced an exclusive partnership with Parcelly – the world’s largest Pick-up Drop-Off (PUDO) technology service provider. Parcelly is the fastest growing network of retailer and carrier agnostic PUDO locations, managing over 2,000+ parcel collection points worldwide to date. By converting redundant space in local businesses into parcel storage capacity, Parcelly offers a variety of B2C and B2B services.

“By delivering thousands of parcels to thousands of individual doors, last-mile fulfilment drivers spend far more time on the road and have a much lower successful delivery rate as compared to delivering those same parcels to a handful of PUDO locations, which are guaranteed to be open for business and able to accept deliveries,” Deepak said.

Ranking 19th

Abhinav Chaudhary, Co-Founder and CEO of Fero.Ai

Abhinav started his corporate career with Danzas (DHL, Dubai) after completing his MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Abhinav has been instrumental in setting up the Road Freight product/s in Danzas and spearheaded Handling Operations at four DHL DGF cargo terminals in the UAE.

His professional experience spans over 15 years in strategy, planning, policy-making, and execution of multiple complex logistics projects.

Now Abhinav is the Co-Founder and CEO of Fero.Ai, which is a B2B SaaS global play in the freight & logistics space. They believe that manual coordination is at the heart of inefficiencies in freight hence they are solving for it by using advanced Ai to build technology solutions that optimize and automate coordination & collaboration across different freight functions & processes.

The Fero.Ai team has built the world’s 1st IVA for freight, called TiA which is equivalent to the Google Assistant/Alexa specifically for this industry. The Fero.Ai product suite currently has four products, suited for the freight stakeholder’s spectrum’s different types and sizes.

Fero.Ai aims to use revolutionary automation systems such as Narrow Ai, Speech Recognition & Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision.


Ranking 20th

Janardan Dalmia, Founder and CEO of Trukkin

Janardan Dalmia is the Founder and the CEO of Trukkin and has been involved with the company from the time Trukkin was envisioned. Over time, they have worked passionately to create an enterprise which is fundamentally strong and will not only survive any crisis but thrive.

In 2020, Trukkin was able to expand their services to Pakistan during the pandemic and further deepening their roots in the Middle East. Looking forward, Trukkin are looking at breaking into the Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Building Materials sector for 2020 and 2021.

In terms of leadership, Janardan told LNME: “A good leader facilitates the change he wants in his team. At Trukkin we have done just that. My primary motive was to bring about transparency, efficiency, and reliability into logistics and it started from within the organization in terms of culture and then with our world-class platform and customer-centric policies, we have been able to do just that both internally and with our customers and partners.”


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