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Kooheji Development awards Marazzi Group to supply tiles requirements for ONYX Bahrain Bay project

Kooheji Development, one of the largest and leading real estate developers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, awarded Marazzi Group Italy, the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of ceramic and porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles to supply the tiles requirements for ONYX Bahrain Bay project.

The assigned two top international award-winning interior designers by Kooheji Development, developed bespoke two distinctive themes and colour collection for ONYX Bahrain Bay apartments. The two themes are the Madison and the Kingsbridge. Both themes have been designed as a definitive statement of style, with floor to ceiling, windows, and every apartment has been designed to maximize the view as well as focus on providing generous amounts of living space through effective interior space planning.

ONYX Bahrain Bay has over 1.6 million square foot total requirements of tiles, and Marazzi Group has been appointed as one of the suppliers to collaborate with Kooheji real estate team to supply full range of tiles.

Commenting on this occasion, Engr. Mohammed Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji, GM – Kooheji Development said: “Kooheji Development has been long respected for the intelligent integration of architecture and interior design, our philosophy” simplicity creates beauty” is demonstrated in the use of the highest quality materials, sophisticated colours and strong attention to details. Our methodology has proofed to be a success in creating unique real estate development and high-rise residential towers that shaped the residential towers lifestyle experience in Bahrain the way people know it, by elevating the community experience and adding unique amenities to the residential towers’ community lifestyle.

“We have been the standard-bearers for the high-rise residential towers’ experience and with our iconic asset Onyx Bahrain Bay for its uniqueness in terms of its strategic location being in Bahrain’s most prestigious address – Bahrain Bay, we will be introducing a new standard of luxury residential towers in Bahrain to raise the bar higher. Hence comes the necessity to partner with the leading company in the design, manufacturing and distribution porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, such as Marazzi Group, not only to select their top of the range collection but also to ensure that their team partner closely with our architects and interior designers to achieve the required new standards.

We at Kooheji Development, strive to add unique real estate products to Bahrain skyline that is appealing to shareholders and apartments’ owners, while offering unique five-star hospitality lifestyle to our residents”. We work together with our partners to enhance the concept, creating functional, unique features that bring the project to life,” added Engr. Mohammed Al Kooheji

Commenting on the selection of the tiles and what makes it unique, Engr. Mohammed Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji said: “The selected tiles are Marazzi’s top of the range and finest tiles available in Marazzi Group worldwide. The design, finishes, and patterns have been carefully selected by Kooheji’ s Interior Design team and Engineers with pre-set criteria for our project to ensure it achieves the required functionality and complements the project’s colour pallets. We have selected top of the range marbles finishes of tiles ranges from cool to warm colours such as Statuario, Calacatta, Armani Grey, dolomite, Tafu and grey Travertine to complement our interior designer pallets ranging from light cool colour to warm colours. For the Madison, we have selected the cool pallet marble imitation with very light veins with saturated cool effect to complement our cool pallets. As for the warm pallet, we have selected marble imitation with darker, stronger colour and more variation in colours to complement our warm pallet colour.”

Engr. Wajdi Ahmadie, Regional Manager, Marazzi Group Italy commented: “We are proud to announce our deal and commitment to Kooheji Development in their iconic new high-rise project Onyx Bahrain Bay a unique concept in the GCC and Bahrain in terms of design, quality and vanguard technology. We will be suppling and for the first time in the kingdom of Bahrain our “Full Body Porcelain Tiles in Slabs” Made in Italy which is the best in design and most expensive tile imitation of marble look, wood and stone finish made by our latest technology of 2019.”

“Marazzi Group, the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of ceramic and porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles, is part of the biggest Group worldwide in terms of floor solution MOHAWK GROUP with a yearly turnover of 9 Billion US$. We’ve been in the market since 1935, and Marazzi currently one of Italy’s significant multinationals with manufacturing plants in Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Russia, and the United States.
Marazzi Group was the first company in the industry producing high-performance tiles with superior technical characteristics (porcelain stoneware, Enduro) and extending the use of this material to major civil engineering projects by certifying Marazzi’s ventilated walls and raised floor systems. Our designs have won tremendous number of International Design and International Innovation Awards and acknowledgements across the global including, The Honourable Mention Compasso d’Oro ADI 2018: for Soho Marazzi, Trends Home 2015 Most Trendy Household Products for Revision Ragno, ADI Design Index 2009 for SistemA Marazzi Tecnica and Trophee de la Maison 2008 for Revision Ragno collection and many more best designs.”

“Quality, stylistic and technological innovation, environmental awareness, compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability and the development of new uses and applications for ceramics are the cornerstones of Marazzi’s strategy and operations, enabling the Group to respond to the needs of modern architecture with exciting, innovative solutions,” added Engr. Wajdi Ahmadie


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