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Dar Al Ber Society launches USD 12.8mn endowment project in Ajman

Dar Al Ber Society has launched work on a new endowment project, Al Jurf 2 in Ajman, at a cost of AED 47 million ($12.8mn), to join its series of endowment projects in the UAE, which is a new residential building, consisting of 14 floors.

Last Thursday, Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Ber Society, laid the foundation stone for the endowment project, in the presence of a crowd of personalities, association officials and representatives of the executive authorities in the project.

Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dar Al Bar, said: “The project extends over a total area of 189,231.1 square feet, and includes 3 floors for parking, 10 floors dedicated to luxury and varied residential apartments in terms of interior space and a number of shops.”

Also facilities for various public services, pointing out that the proceeds of the new endowment will be allocated to the segment of orphans, who are sponsored by the Society, the righteous project for the memorization of the Noble Qur’an for males and females and the Islamic Information Center affiliated with the Society, which specializes in preaching with wisdom and giving good advice, introducing peace and spreading the values of tolerance and love.

Muhammad Al Muhairi confirmed that the Society seeks to strengthen its charitable endowment projects system in the country by attracting new endowment projects, increasing their numbers and developing them annually, to provide stable sources of income for the association in order to develop its resources, support the charitable and humanitarian sector in the country, and consolidate the sustainability of the charitable work of the association.

Providing resources in serving the needy, poor and low-income groups and community services, stressing that endowment projects are considered an essential pillar for continuing to support needy groups in society.

Al-Muhairi noted: “The need to spread and strengthen the endowment culture among the public and members of society and its institutions, given its great importance in preserving the giving in the operations of financing charitable projects by finding a stable source of income for them, stressing that the Dar Al Ber Society is keen to launch humanitarian initiatives and projects and various endowments in order to be able to support the needy segments of society, provide their necessary requirements and promote social development and sustainability in the country.”


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