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Ayana Holding announced an important agreement this month between themselves and Admares ensuring that the offering to their clients and the premium quality service they provide is further reinforced. As per their strategic plan, Ayana Holding companies join forces with cutting edge proven partners to offer an extensive scope of quality services and expertise across various sectors focusing mainly on the real estate industry.

Admares is the latest partner and world leader in alternative real estate with pioneering construction methods that combine cutting-edge marine, offshore, land and modular construction techniques. Admares’ turnkey solutions guarantee greater returns for developers, shorter project timelines and minimal environmental impact.

At the signing ceremony the meeting was attended by the Chairman of Ayana Holding Mr.Abdulla Lahej, CEO Hamid Kerayechian and the COO of Admares Mr. Mikko Lahtonen and Vice President Middle East Mr. Christian Wilhelmsson.

An example of what the industry can expect from this partnership is the first project that Admares have executed in the region, the prestigious Burj Al Arab Terrace which sets a new standard for recreational luxury. Dubai can now boast another global first with the construction of a remarkable, one-of-a-kind restaurant, pool, beach and cabana space uniquely stretching out to the sea.


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