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Autodesk 2016 Design Suites Now Available


Autodesk, Inc. announced the release of the new Autodesk 2016 Design  Suites that offer more control than ever over all aspects of the design-to-  make process through a connected desktop and cloud user experience.

Autodesk design and creation suites provide customers with expanded  tool sets, unique interoperability and a consistent user experience.

“Our customers are pushing the boundaries on how products are designed and made, how buildings are built, and how entertainment is created,” said, Senior Vice President at Autodesk. “Autodesk Suites address the entire workflow: from capturing reality and iterating on a design, to physically making that design through 3D printing or other forms of fabrication.”

Each suite includes AutoCAD 2016, ReCap and 3Ds Max.  AutoCAD 2016, the most advanced AutoCAD yet, that delivers faster, more precise detailed design and documentation with rich visual accuracy. Autodesk’s ReCap technology, also included in every suite, continues to bring Reality Computing to a new level of accessibility and affordability across the suites with the additions of more native laser scan formats, smart measurement tools, advanced annotation and sync capabilities and more.


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