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Abu Dhabi completes Dhs100m Al Faya – Saih Shuaib road works

The dualling and rehabilitation works of the Al Faya – Saih Shuaib E75 road project in Abu Dhabi has been completed.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) and Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, announced the completion of all the works. The new road extends from the Mohammed bin Rashid Road intersection (E311) to the Emirates Road intersection (E611). It is valued at nearly Dhs100 million.

The project was completed in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, ADNOC, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company as well as other stakeholders.

The ITC stated that the execution and delivery of the project were part of the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Plan to delivery of sustainable infrastructure and the government’s vision, directions and strategy to establish high-quality infrastructure in line with the best international standards.

The ITC added that the project will improve the road efficiency and ease traffic problems and transporting of goods from and to Abu Dhabi city, as the Al Faya – Saih Shuaib E75 road is one of the main truck roads between Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The project included dualling of the road with two lanes in each direction along with a median, besides rehabilitation of the existing intersection (E611) by constructing an underpass and widening the existing tunnel to allow separate two-way traffic movement.

The work also involved expanding the camel underpass, removal of the existing roundabout at Al Ghadeer area, construction of a new roundabout to allow access to and connection with the existing Al Ghadeer area and the area’s plans, besides development of a road lighting network and construction of a storm drainage network.

Musanada assured its compliance with eco-sustainability requirements in respect of the facilities, services and vehicles by using recycled materials in the layers of road pavement and using materials to reinforce pavement layers to reduce the size of asphalt used in line with highest international standards.


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