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Updates to T3 Concourse at DXB Emirates Terminal

A New family area has opened at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, featuring a children’s area with creative play equipment, television screens, and baby changing rooms.

The new facility is located at Concourse B’s Zen Garden and inspired by the Arabian Desert, with the topography of the floor similar to sand-dunes for children to walk around. There is a climbing area and interactive games zone for kids who need to burn off any excess energy before the next flight.

Additional conversational-style seating has also been made available for families waiting for flights with a range of both individual and group seats.

“We recognise that passengers waiting for a flight have valuable time that they would like to put to good use, be it catching up with work, sharing a meal with friends, shopping or spending time with family. These new facilities are the first of a series of changes we are making across the terminals at Dubai International to create welcoming spaces for the comfort and convenience of our customers,” Chris Garton, executive vice president of operations at Dubai Airports said.

In addition to the new family area, the main transfer area in Concourse B has also been expanded and refurbished to provide a more welcoming environment for passengers, with more seating, warmer colours, “green” living walls and better signage. There is even a children’s security machine and images projected on the floor to allow young travellers to feel more relaxed when connecting through Dubai International. The capacity of the transfer area has also been increased to accommodate more passengers during peak periods.

Other enhancements include redesigned washrooms which now offer spacious and comfortable baby changing facilities and nursery areas, as well as unique products such as family toilets, “powdering booths” for women and screens next to mirrors providing passengers information about flights.





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