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Stephen Marney to lead as the new VP of TRACCS

Business communication expert and professional management strategist Stephen Marney, has been named the new VP of strategy and development at TRACCS.

With three decades of media experience, Stephen Marney will be tasked with developing existing and prospective product portfolios and services. With a strong background in Financial and consumer affairs, Stephen has demonstrated commendable results in change management, start-up operations, corporate restructuring and corporate governance as well.

He will also remodel the firms’ ENRICH suite of training programmes and improving the existing internal communication and strategic business advisory practices. Marney’s extensive experience in corporate management and development, in  the MENA region is a notable factor that will compliment TRACCS’s strategic business interest.

He commented: “I am excited about this new challenge and I am confident that I can draw upon my 16 years of experience in the region, working with a diverse portfolio of clients across various industries including media, to make strategic business enhancements within TRACCS. I am extremely happy to join the region’s largest PR network and work closely with its senior leadership, turning obstacles into challenges, challenges into opportunities and opportunities into successes.

“MENA is one of the world’s fastest growing regions in terms of PR and with the proliferation of agencies in the region and especially in some key markets, 2016 is going to be the year of thinking beyond the realm of possibilities for us at TRACCS. Growth doesn’t necessarily have to evolve out of innovation; sometimes structured advancement of the existing offering can transform an organization’s competitive approach and performance, setting it apart from the rest of the industry players”, said Mohamed Al Ayed, CEO of TRACCS. Al Ayed looks forward work in coordination with Stephen to better the current service offerings they have and ultimately expand firm’s business portfolio.




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