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P2V Systems launches Data Centre in a Box at Gitex

Northern Irish company, P2V Systems has launched its Data Centre in a Box at this year’s GITEX Exhibition.p2v_dciab_open

The Data Centre in a Box has been designed to provide an IT Infrastructure that is not limited to, or confined by a fixed location, aiming to deliver flexibility in the

provision of IT services.

With IT infrastructures requiring more mobility than ever before and becoming less office based, the Data Centre in a Box is a mobile data hub for organisations

necessitating portable technology. It provides a fast solution for on-site IT infrastructures and comes fully configured for easy deployment.

The kit can be easily and safely transported, enabling work to carry on in a secure and reliable environment.

Commenting on the new launch, Stephen McCann, Managing Director of P2V said:

“Our Data Centre in a Box is completely unique in the market. It can be tailored to meet a customer’s exact needs, is fully portable and requires no on site IT resource for installation or maintenance. Our pricing starts at a very affordable $73,000.”

Key specifications of the Data Centre in a Box include: A self-contained virtual platform with built-in wireless and internet connectivity. The device also supports up to 300 VDI users with 10GB for networking and is fully equipped with firewall security to replicate in-house safekeeping standards.

Other key features include: A wireless access point to support high bandwidth WiFi connections; Can accommodate four servers with 25 hard disks, alongside a wheel-fitted flight-ready casing for easy transportation complete with a 10U rack.


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