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RATIONAL: How to move away from wastage

By: Thomas Hofer, Managing Director RATIONAL Kitchen & Catering Equipment Trading FZCO

There is too much food ending up in the bin every year. An issue that makes you think because it squanders valuable environmental resources and cash. This is an omnipresent issue in the hospitality industry too, where a few simple steps can be taken to reduce the quantity of food waste.

1. Prevent over-production from occurring in the first place
A good option is to reduce portion sizes. You reduce the quantity of leftovers and thus contribute to avoiding food waste. If the individual components of a dish are carefully considered and the size of the individual components on the plate determined in advance, this will in time indicate which portion is accepted by the customer. This avoids waste. Offering a top up is a logical complement to this.

2. Pre-plan exact quantities
Another option for avoiding waste is the use of modern kitchen technology. Intelligent counting systems analyse how many plates of a dish have gone down the pass on a given day. This information can be used to calculate future requirements with more precision. A well sorted recipe database can also support the planning and delivery of dishes in different quantities.

3. Use intelligent kitchen technology
Upgrading to new equipment is worth it. With Rational cooking systems, food quantities are quickly replenished. The consistent quality also ensures less waste. With the Finishing program in the SelfCookingCenter, pre-prepared dishes can be taken out of refrigeration on order and prepared in just a few minutes.

For Hofer, avoiding waste has double the benefits: “Testing out portion sizes or establishing new processes needs time at first. But investments can pay off quickly. Even simple measures can bring immediate success. Not only do you save in procurement, but the costs of waste disposal can also be reduced and profitability increased.”


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