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Quick in-between and still clean: How intelligent cooking systems increase productivity

In the professional kitchen, speed and efficiency are paramount, but must not be at the expense of other factors such as food quality or hygiene, say Rational experts.

This is why cooking systems are increasingly in demand which, even after grilling and braising, are quickly available for other applications such as steaming or baking. This is why Rational has looked over the shoulders of the cooks when developing the new iCombi Pro combi-steamer and integrated the intermediate cleaning system.

“Imagine,” explains Thomas Hofer, Managing Director RATIONAL Kitchen & Catering Equipment Trading FZCO, “You’ve grilled for lunch and now you need to start preparing for the evening quickly. There’s no time for extensive cleaning.”

In order to keep production running without significant interruption, Rational has integrated ultra-fast intermediate cleaning for the new iCombi Pro as a component of the intelligent cleaning iCareSystem.

Even with stubborn traces, this only takes around 12 minutes and ensures that the next cooking process is not impaired by taste transfer or unpleasant odours. The cleaning time is so short that it gives just enough time to prepare the next load.

Of course, an intermediate cleaning does not replace intensive care. iCareSystem is so intelligent that it recognises and displays the current degree of soiling and, based on this, gives a clear recommendation for cleaning, including descaling, according to Rational.

A total of nine cleaning programmes are available: strong, medium and light, in normal and eco modes – with less detergent and water but longer cleaning time – ultra-fast intermediate cleaning, rinsing without tabs and rinse aid. Hygienic gloss cleaning is even possible overnight to use the production-free time. Thus individual options save cleaners, operating costs and labour.

Rational has also further developed the solid cleanser in line with the principle of sustainability. It is now phosphate-free, smaller and is simply placed in the drain basket. Compared to the previous model, up to 50% less cleaner is required. At the same time, the new iCareSystem saves up to 30% water. Even the costs for water softening or manual descaling are eliminated, because the iCombi Pro is automatically descaled as required.

And because cleaning is intelligent, it remembers frequently used settings and displays the appropriate cleaning program the next time. If desired, an individual cleaning plan can be created and saved on the display using drag & drop. As Thomas Hofer explains: “The iCombi Pro adapts individually to operating times and hygiene requirements and reports automatically at the specified times. The result is a hygienically clean, well maintained unit”.

Cleaning is easier with the use of the ConnectedCooking networking solution, which allows it to be controlled from a smartphone, tablet or PC, and the maintenance status and remaining cleaning time of a particular appliance can be viewed.

Short cleaning times, shifting of the cleaning time into the night as well as digitalised control options make cleaning the iCombi Pro an efficient process that is hardly noticeable in the production process. Whereas the hygienic cleanliness and effortless cleaning are already noticeable.


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