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Employing artificial intelligence to achieve innovation in judicial training

HE Justice Dr Jamal Al Sumaiti, Director General of Dubai Judicial Institute

At a time when the world is witnessing tremendous technological development and digital transformation across various fields in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies have topped the scene as major drivers of leadership, prosperity and growth of the future economy in the coming years. As a governmental legal institution, Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) adopted this path and continued its methodology in developing its judicial training programmes, employing advanced technologies in providing additional services and achieving maximum benefit and legal and legislative awareness, in line with our vision to position Dubai as a distinguished regional legal and judicial centre.

DJI, innovation is one of the most important values ​​that we adopt, along with trust and professionalism through which we seek to keep pace with Dubai and the UAE’s unique wise leadership who launched the UAE Strategy for ArtificialIntelligence that aims to develop and regulate the tools of artificial intelligence technology so that it becomes an integral part of the government work system in the country. This would contribute to facing the rapid changes and achieving a qualitative development in general performance at all levels by building a complete and connected digital smart system that would address challenges, provide qualitative and efficient practical solutions, and contribute to transforming Dubai into the happiest and smartest city in the world.

In line with its efforts to fully comply with the COVID-19 precautionary measures approved by the relevant government entities in the country, DJI has been keen to conduct a complete rehaul of all its administrative and educational facilities, adopting Microsoft Teams in cooperation with Smart Dubai to authorise departmental directors to organise the necessary periodic meetings with their employees and to continue working remotely. Thanks to these combined arrangements, DJI was able to ensure the continuity of its administrative and technical work, including those related to personnel affairs, and the implementation of all instructions issued to it by the competent authorities.

In general, Dubai succeeded in presenting a highly efficient model in employing artificial intelligence in judicial work, coinciding with the global outbreak of COVID-19, which played a role in achieving speedy adjudication of cases without prejudice to ensure trials are done fairly, reducing the burden on the courts, limiting the number of cases referred to it, and responding to practical considerations that require simplifying litigation procedures and reducing time, effort and expenditures on the parties to the criminal case.

While the world celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021, we stress that the artificial intelligence applications and devices will impose a new reality full of opportunities and challenges to form in the coming years a milestone and a qualitative shift in the life and history of humankind, based on creativity and innovation. We are absolutely confident in the excellence of Dubai and the UAE in this field, thanks to their infrastructure and capabilities that qualifies them to achieve global leadership.


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