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International medical tattooing expert joins The Private Clinic

smithDubai’s newest specialised aesthetic clinic – The Private Clinic – welcomes on board medical and cosmetic tattooing and permanent make-up expert Iro Smith. Smith is the founder of the company IRO SMITH – Wake up with Make-up®.

Medical tattooing is a highly skilled procedure used to cover up scars or botched tattoos – and can even restorer the areola of a woman’s breast after mastectomy or augmentation or reduction.

Permanent make-up (also known as micro-pigmentation) is the micro-implementation of pigment/colour into the skin of eyebrows, eye lines, and lip lines. The technique for applying permanent make-up has been medically developed and specifically designed for a safe and permanent application.

Iro Smith is a fully certified professional esthetician who studied in Greece, Paris, the Far East and USA. She is a member of CIDESCO and revered for her presentations in many conferences and exhibitions around the world. She has been practising the art of medical tattooing and permanent make-up since 1990 and, in co-operation with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, provides her expert solutions for cosmetic applications and medical corrections.

She was the first permanent make-up artist to be licenced by the ministry of health in Dubai. In the UAE, she is now working exclusively with The Private Clinic.

“Clients come to see me because they know I am the best in the business when it comes to permanent make-up. I see some awful mistakes done by inexperienced technicians that cause people a lot of distress and unhappiness. A typical problem is discolouration (people ending up with eyebrows that turn blue, green, orange or purple). Or they get the wrong shapes,” said Smith.

The Private Clinic is working hard to become a standards bearer in the UAE for aesthetic procedures – such as permanent make-up – and educate the public on the absolute necessity for health and safety of only using experienced, properly qualified practitioners.


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