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Qatar Partakes in 33rd Session of AOAD

the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development ''AOAD''

the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development ”AOAD”

The State of Qatar participated in the 33rd session of the general assembly of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) held in Kuwait on May 12 and ran for two days.
HE Minister of Environment Ahmed Bin Amer Al Hamaidi led Qatar’s delegation to the meetings which were also attended by the ministers concerned with the agricultural development in the Arab world.

The participants have adopted a number of key recommendations which would contribute to achieving the aspired arab agricultural development strategy.
The ministers also approved in their closing session the action plan of the AOAD for the years 2015/16 and following up the modus operandi for implementing the sustainable arab agricultural development strategy for the 2005-2025 decades and following up the implementation of the first stage of the executive plan of the emergency programme for arab food security 2011-2016.

The ministers also agreed on the formation of the Financial Supervision Authority for the Organization for the years 2015 – 2016 to comprise each of the State of Qatar, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt and Mauritania, as well as the formation of the Executive Council of the AOAD for the 33rd session of the General Assembly for 2014 to 2016 from each of the kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, and the Lebanese Republic The Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD )was established in 1970, upon the desire of the Arab countries. Realizing the vital role of agriculture within the region’s economy, the Arab countries recognized the need for coordination between their different policies in agriculture, natural and human resources as well as economic development, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of a fully integrated Arab economies.

Source : Qatar News Agency


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