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BMTC launches GI Conduits in the UAE market

Esam Al Mazroei 1Bahri & Mazroei Trading Company (BMTC), the region’s leading provider of solutions for building and infra-development segments, showcased a new range of GI Conduits manufactured by International Tube and Conduit Company (ITCC), a leading producer of galvanised steel conduits in Saudi Arabia.

BMTC is the flagship company under Bahri & Mazroei Group, the leading provider of solutions for buildings and infrastructure development projects in the Gulf. ITCC is the first UL listed Conduit factory in Saudi Arabia, and a major manufacturer of steel conduits, steel tubes, scaffolding and construction props as well as fence materials. ITCC is the supply partner of BMTC’s in the UAE. Both the companies recently conducted the product presentations on the Cable Management Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Mr. Hatem H. Mawlawi, General Manager of ITCC, said, “We are delighted to offer the GI Conduits in the UAE market through our partner, BMTC. The six-metre conduit is ideal for long run application projects like airports, warehouses, data centers, hypermarkets, and so on. With this, contractors can cut 50 per cent of coupling and save connection time by half. ITCC conduits are subjected to several tests as per the UL Specifications including quality checking, copper sulphate test, bending test, weight, diameter, thickness and galvanizing test.”

“ITCC introduces cutting-edge technologies and machines into the production process, and implements highly strict quality controls on every step of production to ensure the product quality. ITCC manufacturers defect free and high quality products and services meeting the needs of customers across different segments,” he added.




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