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Tamkeen holds more meetings with supported enterprises

The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” is continuing to hold its series of meetings with several enterprises that have received support through the recently launched programs. These programs were designed to increase productivity and achieve positive impact on the local economy, in line with the national priorities and the economic recovery plan, while also addressing current and potential market changes. The latest meeting included representatives of enterprises across several sectors, including technology, cybersecurity, jewelry, accounting and auditing, restaurants, and personal services.

This initiative is a part of Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to communicate with the enterprises of all economic sectors and sizes (micro, small, medium and large) and to understand their future aspirations while also exploring how they can utilize Tamkeen’s support in a number of areas, including training, investment, and expansion to achieve growth and greater economic impact.  

Husain Mohamed Rajab, Tamkeen Chief Executive, met with several enterprises that received support through the recently launched programs, encouraging business owners and entrepreneurs to identify new ideas and market opportunities, shedding light on the most important indicators and growth prospects in several sectors, while also focusing on the optimal utilization of support in order to reach their full potential and remain sustainable.  

The attendees praised this proactive initiative, stressing the importance of enhancing collaboration opportunities that contribute to achieving strategic goals.

Mr. Mahmood Al Adraj, Founder of VirtuThinko thanked Tamkeen, led by H.E. Husain Mohamed Rajab, for their efforts. He added that such initiatives allow for greater cooperation between all parties, contributing to a greater understanding of the needs of the market, particularly of new entrants, which will help enhance their position. He added, “this meeting gave us the opportunity to share our feedback on the human capital and enterprise support programs, while also helping to identify other support opportunities that could contribute to the development and expansion of projects outside the Kingdom. We would like to offer our thanks to Tamkeen for their continuous efforts in supporting entrepreneurship and business, ensuring that enterprises are able to expand and grow their operations locally and internationally.” 

Mr. Mahmood Qannati, Founder of Objets D’Art praised Tamkeen’s transformation initiative, commending the team for their continuous efforts to communicate with enterprises and include them in the development process. He said, “I am happy to have participated in Tamkeen’s meetings with enterprise owners, which highlights how keen Tamkeen’s management is to learn more about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, as well as the impact of Tamkeen’s new support programs to their business plans, and how to contribute to providing further solutions that offer opportunities for the growth, development, and expansion of projects.” 


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