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Evolving trends adds in AI a new dimension to the digital economy

Evolving trends and innovations in AI and other cutting-edge technologies have added a new dimension to the digital economy, according to Liam Zhao, CEO of Gulf North, Huawei.

“In a fast-paced developing digital economy, partnerships between vertical industries and technology enablers remain a key priority,” Liam Zhao said.

“At Huawei, we work closely with our partners and create new value by helping governments and enterprises go digital while operating more intelligently.”

At the MEET ICT and Bahrain International Technology Exhibition (BITEX) 2022 in Manama, held under the theme of “Leading the Way to a Digital Economy Through Artificial Intelligence,” Huawei emphasized the role of digital innovation by sharing the innovative technology.

Huawei highlighted its latest innovative products and solutions and the business opportunities available through the integration of technologies, infrastructure investments, connectivity, and spectrum availability to benefit vertical industries and economic sectors, in alignment with various Bahrain government objectives.

Huawei executives and technical experts took part in various keynotes, panel discussions and workshops, joining other public sector decision-makers, key industry players, and IT experts to highlight innovative ICT trends, services, and products, while exploring collaboration opportunities to ensure safer cyber space and accelerate Bahrain’s digital transformation.

“Digital technologies are rapidly outpacing policy and legal framework. Huawei believes cyber security is a shared responsibility and public-private partnerships are key to a safer, connected world,” Kamal Zian, Chief Cybersecurity and Privacy Officer, Huawei Gulf North, said.

Dr. Jassim Haji, President of Artificial Intelligence Group, said AI can bring immense value in various sectors and help the country nurture a knowledge-based economy.

“For example, Bahrain urban centers can leverage AI-based smart city technologies to become more efficient, livable, and sustainable and help accelerate the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” he said.

“Furthermore, we expect to explore new cooperation models with more ICT ecosystem partners such as Huawei to work together, to support Bahrain’s digital economy, in line with government initiatives and Bahrain’s 2030 Vision,” Speaking at the artificial intelligence (AI) session.”


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