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BIBF, Gulf Air sign strategic partnership

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) – a training and development provider – signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Gulf Air – Bahrain’s national carrier, to provide training opportunities on various competencies for Gulf Air staff.

The BIBF will provide Gulf Air employees with training in leadership, management, financial acumen skills, interpersonal skills, customer excellence, succession planning, workplace wellness, teamwork, and high impact leadership, amongst other topics.

“We are delighted to launch this partnership with the BIBF, which plays a major role in shaping our Bahraini talent and the development of their skills,” Gulf Air Acting Chief Executive Captain Waleed Al Alawi said.

“Through Gulf Air’s alliance and its keenness on developing inspired global leaders; we believe that continuous training is key to sustained development in individuals, teams, and organisations. We invest in our people, and partnering with the BIBF will bring global opportunities for our valued human capital”.

BIBF’s Director Dr. Ahmed Abdul Hameed Al Shaikh said the partnership outlines the importance of continuous training and development.

“With today’s corporate requirements it becomes imperative for companies and organisations to continuously update staff on the dynamic changes in work-related areas, and to provide them with experienced and expert training, for professional development—the BIBF has entered into this alliance to facilitate the delivery of what business professionals and our corporate partners need,” he said.

Through this partnership, the BIBF and Gulf Air will cooperate to provide global learning opportunities, through specialised courses and masterclasses that go beyond traditional business theory.

The programmes will deliver practical education in leadership, succession planning, team building, and other areas that will help the company’s employees to carry out their work more efficiently and professionally, BIBF said.


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