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Bahrain, Japan to strengthen collaboration in pearls and gemstone

Ways to promote collaboration in the fields of pearls, jewelry, and gemstones between Bahrain and Japan were reviewed during the visit of the Japanese Ambassador to Bahrain Miyamoto Masayuki, to Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT).

The ambassador was accompanied by Bahrain-Japan Business and Friendship Society president Nasser Al Arayedh and several members.

During a tour of the Institute’s premises, the ambassador visited DANAT’s laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment and managed by a team of the highest level of local competencies.

He was briefed on the laboratory’s work, regarded as the best of its kind in the world, in examining pearls, coral, amber, and other types of gemstones, in addition to issuing internationally accredited certifications.

Chairman of DANAT Board of Directors Yaser Alsharifi, and CEO Noora Jamsheer discussed with the diplomat the opportunities for developing Bahrain-Japan cooperation in the fields of pearls, jewelry, and gemstones as an essential component of trade and economic partnership between the two friendly countries. They also covered exchanging experiences and strengthening capacities.

Alsharifi said that DANAT aims to promote Bahrain’s pearl heritage, which dates back over 5,000 years, at the regional and international levels, through visits and the events it hosts and in which it participates both locally and internationally, as part of the country’s National Plan to Revive the Pearl Sector.

Jamsheer outlined the services provided by DANAT in terms of studies, training programs and activities related to pearls, as well as the workforce and their accumulated and various experiences in gemology and other sciences.

The ambassador expressed his admiration for DANAT’s key role in enhancing the pearl trade in Bahrain and around the world, as well as its success in promoting Bahrain’s reputation as a leading centre in the field of pearls and gemstones.

He said that Japan welcomes future opportunities to develop the partnership between Tokyo and Manama in this field.

Al Arayedh emphasized that DANAT has become an important cultural and economic landmark in Bahrain, saying that it holds a prominent place globally among traders of jewelry, pearls, and gemstones as well as all economists and businessmen.


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