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Graduate employment rates up 4%

HE Leadership Forum2Employment rates among Emirati and expatriate graduates has increased from 61% last year to 65% in 2015. Statistically, the rates have particularly increased in Emirati graduates, where 92% have found jobs this year compared to 87% last year, as reported in a study by the Abu Dhabi Educational Council and the UAE Ministry of Higher Education reveals.

The challenge for institutions and universities in the region has been to teach relevant courses that are in tune with the changing trends and needs of the workplace.

According to a Dubai-based daily, meeting needs in the workplace is key to maintaining the UAE’s progress and its economic diversification.

Meanwhile global leaders in higher education plan to assemble in Abu Dhabi From 9 – 11 November at the MENA Higher Education Leadership Forum to discuss sustaining and innovating higher education to meet current needs.

Prof. Mohamed Zairi, chairperson of the European Centre for Best Practice Management (ECBPM), said: “Institutions of Higher Learning must now operate as ‘Open Systems’ with the right capabilities that make them more learner centric, market orientated and behaving more as social enterprises, if not even value-based enterprises.”


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