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Doha to require 12 new schools by 2022

Doha’s education sector will require between eight to 12 new schools, each with capacity for 2,000 students by 2022, according to data compiled by Colliers International.

Concluding the rapid population growth is providing huge opportunity for investors and operators, the report also claimed schools could operate up to a 20% net profit margin.

The growth will also present opportunities for top tier universities in future.

Mansoor Ahmed, director of healthcare, education and PPP at Colliers International explained: “Qatar’s rapid economic development is translating positively into a larger population and expanding education sector. Given that a well-run school can achieve profit margins of around 20% once stabilisation years are complete, private investors and operators are increasingly looking at the Qatar market as a major opportunity.”

“As new schools are opened, competition will increase and certain areas will require extra focus to ensure the long-term success of an establishment. For example the provision of facilities for after school clubs or sports activities. These facilities add considerable costs to a school both to build and operate, but can often be linked to the school brand or ethos.” Ahmed concluded.

The Doha Education Overview report read: “To achieve international standards in the education sector, the Government of Qatar is continuously initiating reforms for the education sector. The most significant initiative was the implementation of “Independent Schools / Decentralised System” in 2002. As per this reform, all government schools are now managed and run by an independent board specific to each school. However, the schools are financed by the government and must comply with the standards, policies and systems of the Supreme Education Council (SEC). These initiatives have resulted in significant improvements to the education sector which have resulted in growth in the education sector.”




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