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Kuwait main currencies stable against Dinar

kuwaiti dinar and US dollar

kuwaiti dinar and US dollar

 The main currencies were stable against the Kuwaiti dinar, said the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) on Wednesday, as the US greenback kept to KD 0.281 and the euro to KD 0.385.
The daily CBK exchange rate bulletin noted the pound sterling unchanged at KD 0.473, the Swiss franc to KD 0.315, and the Japanese yen at KD 0.003.
Investors are meanwhile awaiting signs from the Federal Reserve following its meeting today as it is expected to reveal details regarding curb on quantitative easing measures.
Forecasts meanwhile indicate the European Central Bank would most probably expand its monetary stimulus program through imposition of negative interest rate on goods, or purchase of bonds, to counter inflation pressure and sustain recovery in the region.

Source : KUNA Kuwait News agency


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