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SoloQi Brings Luxury Magnetic Wireless Charging Revolution to Middle East

With its promise of ensuring convenient and flexible hands-free charging that is sure to appeal to the tech-centric people-on-the-go in the Middle East, SoloQi, an innovative solution that doubles as an all-in-one wireless charger and power bank, elevates the user experience to a whole new level of comfort and makes low-battery anxieties a thing of the past. SoloQi is set to launch in Dubai, ahead of expanding across the region. 

SoloQi’s luxury sleek design, paired with its high-speed charging capabilities, ushers in the new age of wireless charging. The brainchild of award-winning filmmaker and visual effects artist for television and cinema Solo Avital, SoloQi aims to create a more connected world through wireless charging technology that leverages Avital’s expertise in three-dimensional designs and software. The solution features an elegant portable charger to charge all the latest tech devices and gadgets using Mag Pads that can also be affixed to any phone – or over or under the phone case. In addition, it includes a kickstand to enable users to watch videos and make calls while their phones continue to charge. The SoloQi hands-free solution is the first charging ecosystem of its kind in the world and gives users the freedom to continue working while charging. This functionality aligns with the product’s vision of creating a world where people remain connected no matter where they are.

The wireless charging market surpassed US$11 billion in value in 2019 and is expected to continue to grow at 14.5% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. The surge can also be attributed to the global increase in sales of wearable devices and top-of-the-line smartphones. 

With the growing demand to stay connected at all times and never run out of battery, businessmen, professionals and content creators can count on SoloQi to keep their multiple devices running seamlessly. Already a bestseller in the USA and Japan, the portable wireless solution is set to take the Middle East by storm following a pilot launch in the UAE. 

Solo Avital, CEO and Founder of SoloQi, said: “In a world where we are all creators, my mission with SoloQi is to facilitate the always-on-the-go lifestyle through sharing, communicating and capturing the beauty of NOW while not compromising on my freedom, convenience, style and eco-friendly agenda.

“Our growing dependence on mobile phones and all other devices has only accelerated the need to keep connected. Unfortunately, we have moved at a much slower rate when it comes to charging solutions. SoloQi offers portability, convenience and comfort without relying on cumbersome cables, and provides a universal charger that can power all your devices today as well as any you will upgrade to in the future. Furthermore, it helps reduce e-waste and offers customers an unparalleled user experience. With some of the most connected digital users in the world, Dubai and the UAE offer SoloQi the ideal gateway to the rest of the region.”

Able to charge over 200 phone models, SoloQi is pocket-sized, lightweight, portable, soft to the touch and can charge all our most used devices, including iPads, drones and cameras, and even charge two devices at the same time. To know more, click here: Video

The SoloQi system is a universal solution that can charge all wireless iPhones from the 8 model to the 10/11/12, and over 150 Android phone models. It delivers a whopping 200% power – or two full recharges. SoloQi wireless chargers are priced from US$59 up to US$349 for the complete system for your home, office, car and operable charging with a kickstand for the go. 

SoloQi is also revolutionizing the charging service for events. The wireless charging solution aims to enhance efficiencies through replacing outdated charging stations with its easy-to-use portable systems that may be purchased on rented. Organizers can even brand their events on the Mag Pad with the event logo printed over it. The product will be available for events in early 2021. 

Currently valued at US$7 million, SoloQi is a partner of choice for major events across the globe, such as CEDIA Expo 2019. Retailers, distributors and investors can join the company as shareholders through the leading equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine

The SoloQi limited-edition system is available at b8ta, The Dubai Mall, opposite the Apple store.


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